aeroSQAIR is an international team of students and graduates taking on the indoor air pollution market. The interdisciplinary team has backgrounds in business, architecture and design, engineering and biology. Their love for nature and the outdoors brought the team together to find nature based solutions for the often forgotten issue of indoor air pollution. By combining their disciplines, they aim to integrate design with nature, creating a cleaner and healthier indoor environment. Starting with subway stations, the goal is to reduce harmful pollutants like particulate matter and carbon dioxide in the underground environment. From there, the venture aims to expand into other markets like office spaces, shopping malls, schools and even private households. All this is achieved through a sustainable approach based on the principle of bioremediation, by our hidden champion moss!
Air filtration improves air quality
Reduces stress levels and anxiety
Improves concentration and productivity
Improves mental health and wellbeing
Requires minimal maintenance
No additional supplements are required
There is no root system making it lightweight
Helps to balance the indoor environment
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